Month: September 2017

09-13-17 – Have You Seen My Childhood?

Nancy Harvey

Image Credit: AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez|Center For American Progress

“Let’s raise children who wont have to recover from their childhoods.” – Pam Leo

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Hey Family,

When I was pregnant with my two children, I basked in my emerging motherhood glow. I floated through air, haughtily laughing whenever my babies fluttered about in my belly.

Then I had them and reality set in.

Luckily for us, we had family close by who were able (and willing) to take care of my children while my husband and I worked until they started school. Other families don’t fare so well.

I started this program a little over a year ago looking at the tough choices families make when they don’t have adequate help in childcare and I am happy to have Rasheed Malik, Policy Analyst at the Center for American Progress on the program again for a follow up to talk about the recent study that looks at 22 states and what they call “Child Care deserts”  You’d be surprised by what we found out.

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09-06-17 – Yosemite Sam


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“You may choose to look away, but you can never again say that you did not know.” – William Willberforce

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Hey Family,

As officials on both sides of the political aisle including Former President Barack Obama release statements on the current administrations decision to end the DACA program  and leave its fate in the hands of Congress, the motivations behind these actions continue to set in.  Rewire News in conjunction with news organizations like NBC, New York Times, The Guardian, The Root, Vox, NPR and many, many others have teamed up to Document Hate; an investigative series from Pro Publica to report on the emergence of people, organizations and groups that threaten human rights, civil rights, and the freedoms of all persons. On the program today, Sharona Coutts, author of the latest piece on Gavin McInnes and the rise of a self proclaimed western chauvinist group he founded called The Proud Boys.

I believe in the power and purpose of self-care. I also believe in the power of information.

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