Month: February 2017

02-23-17 – Fight The Power


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“If I could have convinced more slaves they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more” – Harriet Tubman

Hey Family!

On this last week on the history of “the blacks”on Enlighten Me, I thought it would be fitting to address those within the African-American community who some call “ground warriors.” They are those who consistently fight for civil and human rights for their community.  They don’t affiliate with a major political party and would even argue that in order to truly gain freedom, african-americans need to form their own system of governing.

On today’s program, civil rights activist Kevin Alexander Gray will join me to talk about the history of the civil rights struggle within the african-american community as well as his views on the administrations outreach toward african-americans during black history month.  He will also talk about what he sees as the current problem with African-Americans trying to make lemonade out of lemons in this political climate.

It’s Black History Month on Enlighten Me. #BeClear.

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02-15-17 – Black Love, Black Power


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Hey Family!

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and I find myself still gravitating to the lovely Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posts of people who celebrated yesterday with their loved ones. I love love.  I love people who display love, people who give love, people who feel loved.

That’s why the relationship President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama openly display toward each other is so inspiring and lovely to watch. As a power couple who genuinely support one another, It’s peak #relationshipgoals for all the world to see.

But they aren’t the only power couple to pay attention to.  Stefanie Brown James and Quentin James are committed to engaging the African American electorate to empower themselves. Their decades of service in community engagement and progressive politics led them to found The Collective PAC, and organization dedicated to building Black political power by recruiting, training, funding and electing progressive black candidates on the local, state and federal level.

Join me as I talk to them about their story as well as what they see in the future for  The Collective.

It’s Black History Month on Enlighten Me. You gon’ learn today.

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02-08-17 – Past Is Prologue


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“How can a community that evolved for more than 100 years only carry on in the memories of a few surviving members?”

This is the premise by which Jason Green, Kisha Davis, Imani Cheers and the entire production crew used to delve into the history of what used to be a small african-american community in Maryland.  These communities, like so many others throughout the United States have changed dramatically over the years.

What causes these changes and how do they adapt?

On the program today, Jason Green, the co-producer of The Quince Orchard Project will answer these questions and more.  As a fifth generation descendant of the area, I’m sure he can provide some much needed context.

Also, did Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren just get cut off on the Senate floor for reading Coretta Scott King’s letter against Sen. Jeff Sessions? Dis tew much.

Like I said, it’s Black History Month on Enlighten Me.  Trust me, this is the escape you need.

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02-01-17 – Black Girl Magic

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Hey Family,

Amongst the chaos, at least we are kicking off February 2017 the right way. Imelme Umana just became the first black female editor of the Harvard Law review and I just can’t contain myself.

It wouldn’t be Black History month to me if I didn’t start off by showcasing powerful black women.  Why?  Because who just tried to save the world?  Exactly.

I have three words. Bet on Black.

On today’s program i’ll be joined by Tara Murray, former Deputy Legal Director of the London-based human rights non profit Reprieve, where she represented over 30 Guantanamo prisoners in federal district court proceedings.  She also led the organizations first investigation into civilian casualties in drone strikes in Pakistan — an investigation that has expanded to include Yemen and the horn of Africa.

I’ll get her analysis on the recent immigration actions by the administration and whether or not it will truly make the nation safer.

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I only have four shows this month to do this.  I’m making them count.