Month: December 2016

12-21-16 – This Magic Moment


Hey Family!

Happy Winter solstice! It is fitting that the show today will reflect on the past year and what to change or begin in the year ahead.

This will be a new beginning for us. New President.  New administration. New family in the White House.

So as I reflect on today’s show, I thought about what I wanted to focus on in the year ahead.  Racial and gender discrimination top my list, but I will also focus on education and my role as a media professional to bring you the stories that I think will matter to you.  So there you have it, my to-do list for 2017.

Today’s program will focus on two of those.  Jodi  Jacobson is the Editor-in Chief of Rewire and she has a few pointers for those in the media who want to report on the new president with some accuracy.  And Steve Snyder of the 74 has been tracking how The Trump Effect has affected our nations school children.

So rest up, so we can forge ahead in the new year.  We’ve got a long tough fight ahead of us.

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12-14-16 “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”


Photo Credit: ABC News

Hey Family!

It was hard pill to swallow to hear that the jury came to a mistrial in the case of Walter Scott, the man who was shot in the back by South Carolina Officer Michael Slager. My heart hurts for Walter Scott’s family and the surrounding community who had been touched in some way, shape, form and fashion by his life.  His wrongful death as well as the wrongful deaths of so many others, feel personal, they feel hurtful and when jurors don’t see the inherent wrongness (I think I just made that word up ) of a situation, then there are times when I want to throw my hands up and times when I want to drive down to South Carolina to protest in the streets.  My hope is that Scott attorney Chris Stewart and team prevail in the retrial.

On the program today, civil rights attorney Charles Coleman will talk about the case, the mistrial and the paths toward delivering justice on what should be cut and dry cases.

Also, Lori Tharps on colorism in our communities and how to deal with issues of race and class with regards to color.

And later, It’s a family affair! Aqmeri and Sasshem will join me in studio. Who knows what they will want to talk about, but i’m pretty sure i’ll be embarrassed.

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12-07-16 – The 13th


The 13th Amendment

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

All persons are equal before the law, so that no person can hold another as a slave; and the Congress shall have power to make all laws necessary and proper to carry this declaration into effect everywhere in the United States.

This is the premise upon which Ava Duvernay seeks answers for what has happened to black and brown communities across the United States after the 13th amendment was ratified 151 years ago on Dec. 6th 1865. If you have yet to see the film, you need to watch it now.

On today’s program, Hans Charles, the visual artist behind the film whose images captured in the documentary will explain what it means to create films with purpose and how the 13th amendment and modern day slavery is being carried out today.

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