Month: March 2017

03-29-17 – The Complexity of Women

Divided We stand

“Differences can be a strength rather than a handicap” – Condolezza Rice

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Hey Family,

As this women’s history month comes to a close, it is fitting that we would be talking about what some say began as the start of the polarization of women’s issues in politics.  It’s also fitting that it comes on the the heels of tensions among black women and their frustrations with the women’s movement altogether. As organizers of the January women’s march continue to push the agenda promoting inclusiveness in fighting against the current administration, some are left wondering where and when that inclusiveness will truly manifest. Recently, the District implemented new procedures regarding informing the public about missing persons, Black women, disproportionately represented, were outraged that many missing girls remained unaccounted for. As the city conducted a town hall in order to address the concerns of their constituents, only people of color attended the event.

Again I ask, where is the collective answer to addressing these concerns?

On the program today, Zoe Carpenter of The Nation has been looking into African American maternal birth rates.  If we claim to care about black babies, let’s care about what has happened to them from the start.

Also, how did certain topics become single issue deal breakers in political discourse? And where did women of color, specifically African American women stand as they straddled the fence of wanting civil and equal rights while at the same time promoting and protecting their strong pro-family stance?

Marjorie Spruill, author of Divided We Stand delves into what some called “Four Days That Changed The World”, a look into the generational effects of the 1977 International Women’s Year Conference.

It’s Women’s History Month on Enlighten Me.  The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.

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03-22-17 – Inspire. Empower. Stand Up.

Women's Empowerment

“A successful woman, is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.” 

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Hey Family,

As a young teen in Rockford, IL, I always wondered what my mother did at the conferences she attended in Washington, DC.  One year, she brought back a t-shirt with the AAUW logo. On it, was a phrase that I have seen throughout the years.  “When women succeed, America succeeds.” So i’m happy to come full circle with Abigail Lewis, Vice President of Leadership Program and Campus Initiatives at AAUW to talk about #StandUpToSexism, the campaign highlighting how everyday sexism affects women in leadership.

Speaking of leadership, that’s exactly what AnnaMarie Horowitz did to channel the launch of Zora and Amelia, an online store selling gender empowering merchandise. I’ll talk to Communications director Kathryn Grant about the site as well as the inspiration behind the launch.

It’s Women’s History Month on Enlighten Me. Equality for women is progress for all.

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03-15-17 – Fortitude


Official Image of the National Congress Of Black Women| Image Credit:

“At present, this country needs women’s idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else” – Shirley Chisholm


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Hey Family,

I am fortunate to be surrounded by intelligent, thoughtful, generous, insightful women on a daily basis. That’s what makes highlighting the women who are working in the community to address the issues that other women are faced with in their personal and professional lives so easy to do.

So on today’s program, I’ll talk to Dr. E. Faye Williams, National President and CEO for the National Congress of Black Women about the history of the organization as well as her role in protecting the rights of black women within the new administration.

Also, the Center for American Progress just released their report entitled, The Pillars of Equity: A Vision for Economic Security and Reproductive Justice.  I’ll have Heidi Williamson, Senior Policy Analyst for the Center for American Progress who helped author the report, on the program to shed some light on how to ensure equality in regards to health and economics for women.

It’s Women’s History Month on Enlighten Me. Unbought. Unbossed. Unafraid.

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03-08-17 – Binders Full Of Women

Women's March

Official art for the Women’s March on Washington by Shepard Fairey|Image Credit: The Amplifier Foundation

“Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights” – Hillary Clinton

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Hey Family,

Not only is it International Women’s Day, but women around the world also decided to make it an, “I’m taking the day off” day.  I’m conflicted on this not only because a lot of women quite literally can’t take a day off, but this also doesn’t help other women protestors purport to be an ally for.

What would truly help, would be to call your local Congressman if you don’t agree with the Republican plan for healthcare.

Oh, you say you don’t really know the specifics?

On the program today, I’ll talk to Rewire Federal policy reporter Christine Grimaldi about #ADayWithoutAWoman as well as her recent piece regarding the American Health Care Act, the new proposal from House Republicans regarding health care in America.  Opponents argue it has changed a lot of provisions that helped family planning, women’s health and access to affordable care.

It’s Women’s History Month on Enlighten Me. Cheers to strong women.

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03-01-17 – Because Of Them, We Can


Image Credit: Pinterest – Global Couture

“To struggle, and battle and overcome and absolutely defeat every force designed against us is the only way to achieve” – Nannie Helen Burroughs 1933

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Hey Family,

As the highest grossing Oscar nominated “Best Picture” film this season, Hidden Figures has unlocked a big (little) known fact.  Black women’s contributions to this society have been enormous, far ranging and all encompassing. So when thinking about what to do for the start of Women’s History Month, I wanted to highlight other women who have made as great of an impact.

On today’s program Dr. Tracee Jamison-Hooks, a research Electrical Engineer for the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Program.  She was also the first African American to receive a PhD in Electrical Engineering at North Carolina State A&T University.  I’ll talk to her about the challenges of the past and future for african american women in STEM.

It’s Women’s History Month on Enlighten Me. Because of them, we can.

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