11-02-16 – Dark and Lovely


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Hey Family!

We are less than one week away from determining who will be the next president of the United States and I could spend a whole week talking about the implications of the latest releases of leaked info and accusations.  But I wont. I’ll give you the 5 minute rundown because I, like you, value self-preservation.

Also i’ll give the latest on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Later, Indian American Aswathi Thomas wrote a piece in Huffington Post on the effects that colorism have had on her and other dark skinned Indian Americans in the hopes that we can dismantle the stereotype that fair skin equates to beauty.  Today i’ll talk to Lori Tharps about her new book, Same Family, Different Colors: Confronting Colorism in America’s diverse families on how colorism affects people across the diaspora.

As always, it’s a family affair! Sasshem and Aqmeri didn’t get a chance to celebrate Halloween with their fans so they decided to put on a concert of some of their favorite Halloween hits.  You won’t want to miss it!

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