11-16-16 – The Trump Effect


Image Courtesy of Reuters

…And the hits just keep on coming.

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Hey Family!

I’m not going to say i’m surprised at the appointment of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist for a Trump White House, but it certainly is a call for any of those Trump supporters who may be thinking a Trump presidency wont be run like his candidacy to think again.  For anyone else…


That’s right.  Run to your nearest human rights group, election board meeting, civil and voting rights organization and sign up and volunteer your time and services to making this country truly great. You didn’t think I was really advocating leaving the country did you?

How else would we fight against the rise in reported instances of bullying and intimidation since Donald Trump was elected?  On the program today is Steve Snyder, Editorial Director of The 74. They have compiled more than 140 instances like these in schools alone.

So go out there and find your nearest organization Like this or this or this to volunteer your time and money.  There are plenty, trust me.

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