02-08-17 – Past Is Prologue


Photo Credit: Thequinceorchardproject.com

Did you miss the show? Check it out here:

“How can a community that evolved for more than 100 years only carry on in the memories of a few surviving members?”

This is the premise by which Jason Green, Kisha Davis, Imani Cheers and the entire production crew used to delve into the history of what used to be a small african-american community in Maryland.  These communities, like so many others throughout the United States have changed dramatically over the years.

What causes these changes and how do they adapt?

On the program today, Jason Green, the co-producer of The Quince Orchard Project will answer these questions and more.  As a fifth generation descendant of the area, I’m sure he can provide some much needed context.

Also, did Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren just get cut off on the Senate floor for reading Coretta Scott King’s letter against Sen. Jeff Sessions? Dis tew much.

Like I said, it’s Black History Month on Enlighten Me.  Trust me, this is the escape you need.

Tune in Wednesdays from 4-5p ET on WERA-FM 96.7 or check us out online at Facebook.com/EnlightenMeonWERA or on Twitter @EnlightenMeWERA @andreacambron.

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