02-23-17 – Fight The Power


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“If I could have convinced more slaves they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more” – Harriet Tubman

Hey Family!

On this last week on the history of “the blacks”on Enlighten Me, I thought it would be fitting to address those within the African-American community who some call “ground warriors.” They are those who consistently fight for civil and human rights for their community.  They don’t affiliate with a major political party and would even argue that in order to truly gain freedom, african-americans need to form their own system of governing.

On today’s program, civil rights activist Kevin Alexander Gray will join me to talk about the history of the civil rights struggle within the african-american community as well as his views on the administrations outreach toward african-americans during black history month.  He will also talk about what he sees as the current problem with African-Americans trying to make lemonade out of lemons in this political climate.

It’s Black History Month on Enlighten Me. #BeClear.

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