05-24-17 – Usual Suspects

Usual Suspects

Image Credit: Fanshare

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

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Hey Family,

It seems fitting that Kevin Spacey has played Frank Underwood in House of Cards as well as Keyser Soze in Usual Suspects. Two completely different characters somehow interlocking in one person. I wonder if there are any parallels in modern day?

On the program, Hillman award winner Adele Stan, columnist for the American Prospect, will join us to give her analysis on the latest developments with the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. Also, did misogyny play a role into former FBI Director James Comey’s letter to congress on Clinton’s e-mails? Adele offers her insight on what might have led to the release of Comey’s letter just days before the election.

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