10-04-17- Yes We Can

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Image Credit: ActBlue/Collective PAC

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” – Alice Walker

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Hey Family,

If I can be quite honest, these last couple of weeks have been too much for me to take in and I needed a bit of self-care to deal with them. Hurricane devastation with response to the areas most affected lacking in empathy and action and a recent mass shooting with gun control not even part of the discussion makes me grieve while being angry with no appropriate measured response.  So I had to take some time.

Time to think.  Because chasing the shiny new piece of news rarely gets you the answers you are looking for or need. Ta-nehisi Coates recently wrote a piece on the president and many praised the detailed analysis and historical aspect of this presidency because he took his time before opining about him.

An administration many say remains tone deaf to the needs of it’s citizens. I can never stress how important it remains to vote for the elected leaders you feel will have your best interests at heart. Lives are literally on the line. Quentin James, co-founder of the Collective PAC, has been echoing that sentiment since he founded the organization a year ago.  I am pleased to have him on the program to talk about the work he has been doing to build black political power.

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