05-02-18 Pot Calling The Kettle Black

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I’m not normally this petty.

But I was recently part of an online exchange where someone chided others for discussing the appearance of another person. They were right. It was wrong and uncalled for. I eventually left the online exchange, but I couldn’t let it go. There was part of me that was frankly appalled at the nagging feeling of hypocrisy before me. This person regularly talks about their love of being petty. They live in it, they thrive in it. They consistently talk about people online or consume media that talks about people online. Because that’s what they LOVE.

So to all of a sudden claim moral ground and police the thoughts of others seemed a little…pot calling the kettle black.

I realized people lack self awareness in a way that blocks their ability to truly see themselves for who they are. This week, I revisited an interview with Tasha Eurich, author of Insight, on how we don’t see ourselves as clearly as we think.

I also give some thoughts on Kanye. So add my name in the bucket for probably useless commentary.

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