12-05-18 -The New Deal That Didn’t

Black housing devalued

“Homeownership lies at the heart of the American dream representing success opportunity and wealth and it should–compared to investing in the stock market and other ways to grow a nest egg home ownership is still the most consistent and accessible way to build wealth over time–and while home ownership rates vary considerably between whites and people of color is typically the largest asset among all people who hold it regardless of race.” – Andre Perry

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Hey Fam,

We’ve talked about how housing discrimination has been affected by our current highway administration.  Highways literally being built on top of and throughout minority communities to either shut them out of areas or segregate them to certain districts.

But what about the houses themselves? A new report by the Brookings Institution examines the ways in which housing discrimination have affected the minority dollar.  We’ll have Andre Perry, the David M. Rubenstein Fellow of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution on the program to talk about his latest report on the devaluation of housing in black and brown communities.

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