10-02-19 – GUILTY

This trial only underscores the degree to which Black people in America have become conditioned toward unfairness at the hands of white privilege. Justice and fairness are such strangers to us, that instead of welcoming them as familiar allies, we react as though we have just seen the Easter bunny. Much as when a person who is used to an unfair advantage cries foul when they are treated fairly, people who have continuously grown accustomed to not being treated fairly are often surprised when they receive what is right and due. – Charles Coleman Jr.

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Hey Fam,

The guilty verdict for Amber Guyger came swift after juror deliberations. But civil rights attorney Charles Coleman Jr. says the celebrations minority communities have in reaction to these atrocities underscores the system’s treatment of minority communities. I’ll talk to him about the trial as well as his thoughts on the celebrations.

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