09-21-16 – Pay it Forward


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“No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone…”

“My uncle Troy was on death row. He had been arrested and sentenced in 1989 for a crime that he claimed he never committed. There were inconsistent statements from eyewitnesses. No gun or DNA evidence was ever found. Since the trial, nearly every prosecution witness has recanted their testimony.
Even though Uncle Troy was behind bars, with a national movement called #TooMuchDoubt building around his case, he still helped me with my homework. Even after they stopped allowing him to have a pen, he would still critique me on my presentations and encourage me. I visited him twice a month at least.
…My uncle Troy would help me with my math homework. I didn’t realize they were molding me into an engineer.” – De’Jaun Davis Correia

Join me from 4-5p ET on the 5th anniversary of the Troy Davis execution this Wednesday as I have a conversation with De’Jaun Davis Correia on his uncle’s legacy and what propels him to move forward.

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