12-14-16 “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”


Photo Credit: ABC News

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Hey Family!

It was hard pill to swallow to hear that the jury came to a mistrial in the case of Walter Scott, the man who was shot in the back by South Carolina Officer Michael Slager. My heart hurts for Walter Scott’s family and the surrounding community who had been touched in some way, shape, form and fashion by his life.  His wrongful death as well as the wrongful deaths of so many others, feel personal, they feel hurtful and when jurors don’t see the inherent wrongness (I think I just made that word up ) of a situation, then there are times when I want to throw my hands up and times when I want to drive down to South Carolina to protest in the streets.  My hope is that Scott attorney Chris Stewart and team prevail in the retrial.

On the program today, civil rights attorney Charles Coleman will talk about the case, the mistrial and the paths toward delivering justice on what should be cut and dry cases.

Also, Lori Tharps on colorism in our communities and how to deal with issues of race and class with regards to color.

And later, It’s a family affair! Aqmeri and Sasshem will join me in studio. Who knows what they will want to talk about, but i’m pretty sure i’ll be embarrassed.

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