1-11-17 – #LetGirlsLearn



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Hey Family,

I know the world is coming to an end all around us with allegations of the President-elect and Russia swirling as the senate confirmation hearings regarding cabinet picks are going on.  Oh, and President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama gave pretty emotional farewell addresses.  The hill of despair is becoming too far to climb up.

One thing I have been interested in are President Obama and First Lady Michelle’s interests post-white house.  Even though the beginning of his “retirement” might be paid to organizing and rebuilding the Democratic party to maintain strong leaders for the years to come, President Obama has quietly built My Brother’s Keeper while in the White House without much fanfare as of yet.  I’m curious to see how this organization will play out in the years to come.

First Lady Michelle Obama on the other hand has put her name behind Let Girls Learn, the initiative to “address challenges preventing adolescent girls from attaining a quality education that empowers them to reach their full potential.”

On the program today,  Adaku Oneyka-Crawford, Counsel for Education at the National Women’s Law Center. She’s been examining the school to prison pipeline for black girls and will talk about #LetHerLearn a new toolkit from NWLC that hopes to end targeted policies that deny them their right to an education.

Because we’ve seen what can happen when black girls are able to expand their horizons…


Hidden Figures Image courtesy of the chicagocrusader.com

So go see Hidden Figures to find out what will happen when we don’t put barriers on access to education for black women and tune in to WERA-FM 96.7 in Arlington today from 4-5pm ET or check us out online at Facebook.com/EnlightenMeonWERA or Twitter @EnlightenMeWERA @andreacambron.




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