03-08-17 – Binders Full Of Women

Women's March

Official art for the Women’s March on Washington by Shepard Fairey|Image Credit: The Amplifier Foundation

“Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights” – Hillary Clinton

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Hey Family,

Not only is it International Women’s Day, but women around the world also decided to make it an, “I’m taking the day off” day.  I’m conflicted on this not only because a lot of women quite literally can’t take a day off, but this also doesn’t help other women protestors purport to be an ally for.

What would truly help, would be to call your local Congressman if you don’t agree with the Republican plan for healthcare.

Oh, you say you don’t really know the specifics?

On the program today, I’ll talk to Rewire Federal policy reporter Christine Grimaldi about #ADayWithoutAWoman as well as her recent piece regarding the American Health Care Act, the new proposal from House Republicans regarding health care in America.  Opponents argue it has changed a lot of provisions that helped family planning, women’s health and access to affordable care.

It’s Women’s History Month on Enlighten Me. Cheers to strong women.

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