03-15-17 – Fortitude


Official Image of the National Congress Of Black Women| Image Credit: Nationalcongressbw.org

“At present, this country needs women’s idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else” – Shirley Chisholm


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Hey Family,

I am fortunate to be surrounded by intelligent, thoughtful, generous, insightful women on a daily basis. That’s what makes highlighting the women who are working in the community to address the issues that other women are faced with in their personal and professional lives so easy to do.

So on today’s program, I’ll talk to Dr. E. Faye Williams, National President and CEO for the National Congress of Black Women about the history of the organization as well as her role in protecting the rights of black women within the new administration.

Also, the Center for American Progress just released their report entitled, The Pillars of Equity: A Vision for Economic Security and Reproductive Justice.  I’ll have Heidi Williamson, Senior Policy Analyst for the Center for American Progress who helped author the report, on the program to shed some light on how to ensure equality in regards to health and economics for women.

It’s Women’s History Month on Enlighten Me. Unbought. Unbossed. Unafraid.

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