05-10-17- S.O.S.


“If you have the insight of non-self, if you have the insight of impermanence, you should make that insight into a connection that you keep alive throughout the day. Then what you say, what you think, and what you do will then be in the light of that wisdom and you will avoid making mistakes and creating suffering.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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Hey Family,

One of my good friends recently muddled over the fact that, as a white person, he hasn’t felt like he has been doing much in terms of “fighting the good fight” — getting his hands dirty actively participating in the process to dismantle racism and supremacy. I reminded him that sometimes internal work, the work you do to open your mind and understand minorities on a personal, one-on-one basis is probably the most important work to help race relations.  How you think affects how you operate in society, how you treat people, what you think about people, how you help them or hurt them.  To do the work of constantly questioning yourself and your thoughts is probably one of the most important things you can do.

A piece in the New Yorker recently highlighted this theory. On the program today, Tasha Eurich, author of Insight, shows us that we are not as self aware as we think. She’ll also outline steps on how to truly see ourselves clearly. It could probably help a lot of people in the political sphere right about now.

ALSO– A couple of new indie films that deserve support are making themselves known on the internet. Penny Hollis, director of Maxine and The Birthday Gift, opens up about mental health awareness and the black community.

It’s a double header on Enlighten Me today!  Tune in from 4-5p ET on WERA-FM in Arlington, Va. or check us out online on Facebook @EnlightenMeonWERA or on Twitter @EnlightenMeWERA @andreacambron.

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