05-03-17 – With Every Minute, Seize The Chance To Turn It Around

Rewire birth control

Image Credit: Lauryn Gutierrez / Rewire

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“I’m for truth no matter who tells it. I’m for justice no mater who it’s for or against.” – Malcolm X

Hey Family,

Spring is here, prom season is upon us and that means another round of proud parents on Facebook and Instagram proudly beaming as they highlight their son or daughter on “the big day”.  As I looked at the pictures, I remembered my senior year in high school. The end of the year was when I began to realize I was officially becoming a young adult.

As I prepared to head to college, I remembered my mother finally having “the talk” with me about birth control and my options regarding family planning. She told me the history of birth control and how it helped so many women including herself, not only finish their higher education, but obtain positions where they had a choice to delay the process of having children.  Her generation was the first generation to come of age and benefit from this new technology.

The new administration is currently seeking to eliminate Title X family planning funding, as well as add Teresa Manning to the Department of Health and Human Services where she will oversee the department assigned to women’s health and family planning for low income and uninsured women.

On the program to discuss this, Jessica Mason Pieklo, Vice President, Law and the Courts for Rewire. If you haven’t been keeping up to date on this, her recent piece on the Trump administration and birth control will catch you up. Get to it.

“Yesterday I was so clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself” – Rumi

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