08-02-17 – DETROIT

Fifty Year rebellion detroit


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“The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion” – Fredrick Douglass

Hey Family,

I remember as a teenager I would often hear some variation of the phrase “[our] generation has never seen true governmental strife…we’ve never even been alive during war times.”  I remember at the time thinking I had the rest of my life to “be alive during war times” but I digress.

My have the times changed.

Not only are we still in the middle of a couple of wars overseas that we can’t seem to finish, but our government is currently going through it’s own constitutional crisis. This might be the single biggest challenge of our generation. Nothing of this magnitude can be created in a vacuum, so Scott Kurashige, author of The Fifty-Year Rebellion: How the U.S. Political Crisis Began In Detroit will join me to talk about how in many ways, Detroit echos the current U.S. political system. I thought it would be fitting to get a little context before the movie DETROIT debuts this Friday.

I was told I would be triggered several times if I saw it this weekend. Judging by the trailer, we all should be.

Also #blackwomensequalpayday was two days ago, so of course we will talk about that. Because why would I enjoy just now making the same amount as my white male co-workers?

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