02-07-18 – We Draw The Line


Image Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

“All great achievements require time” -Maya Angelou

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Happy Black History Month Family!

Black Panther. I think that about wraps up my sentiments. We can all go home now.  I don’t know if i’ve ever been this excited for a movie I haven’t seen. I’m so excited I almost forgot I was going to talk about the real life hero’s fighting the forces against injustice and inequality. And no, they are not a part of the DC or Marvel universe.

When former President Barack Obama and former Attorney general Eric Holder left the administration, the one key issue they were both looking to combat was the issue of gerrymandered districts across the country. Districts that had been intentionally racist in their remapping has left many constituents disenfranchised when it came to the voting booth. I’ll have Brian Cannon, Executive Director of One Virginia on the program to talk about the efforts he is spearheading to combat redistricting in his state.

Why is this a black history month topic? Because in addition to voter suppression tactics used in the past, gerrymandering has a direct affect on the voting power of African Americans and other minorities.

Your vote is your voice.

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