01-31-18 – Make A Statement Without Saying A Word


Image credit: Women.com

I don’t think it’s necessary to shout if you have a good story. But I also don’t think you should shy away from being bold in the statement that you’re making. – Nancy Gibbs

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Hey Family,

What was that? You enjoyed the State of The Union drinking game a little too much last night and now you are struggling at work today?

I’m sorry I couldn’t process much after I saw Melania walk out in that white pantsuit. It reminded me of something but I couldn’t [theresistance] quite [the resistance] put [the resistance] my [the resistance] finger [the resistance] on [the resistance] it [the resistance].

So much was unspoken at President Trump’s State of the Union speech that I could barely pay attention to the actual words coming out of his mouth. I heard something about DACA, real Americans and Guantanamo Bay. Dassit.

I kept paying attention to the Congressional Black Caucus and rest of the Democrats “dressed in all black like the omen” and Melania’s suffragist revolt. We’ll talk about this and more as we look at the fate of immigration with Nicole Svajlenka, Senior Policy Analyst for Immigration at the Center for American Progress. Also on the program, Jen Stanley and Sophia Resnick of Rewire on how far-right wing policy is taking shape in our government.

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