02-14-18 – Heart Health: Go Red


Image Credit: Chippenham Medical Hospital

Self-love is the new #relationshipgoals – Anon

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Hey Family,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For those of you who have that deep connection with your soulmate through marriage and friendship I salute you.  The strong bond between two people that can last a lifetime is immeasurable to the heart.

But that’s not at all what i’m going to talk about today.

It’s Black History Month and Valentine’s Day–so who would I be if I didn’t talk about Black women and their heart? The number 1 killer for women is heart disease and stroke, and stroke disproportionately affects African Americans. On the program today, LaPrincess C. Brewer, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.C., an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Much of her research has been on heart heath in the black community.  She’ll talk about the specific risk factors black women face and how we can spot the symptoms to protect our heart.

Not from bad breakups though. She can’t do anything about that unfortunately.

So go red for heart heath! Many organizations like Alpha Kappa Alpha are.  Will you?

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