Stacey Abrams

Image Credit: Official Campaign photo Stacey Abrams

Progress doesn’t happen all at once; it’s a slow grind. But a commitment to serving as an agent of positive change will bring us closer one step closer. – Mitzi Miller

Happy Women’s History Month Family!

Our children are staging a nationwide walkout protest and the leader of the Department that handles the school system has yet to visit poor performing schools. Disconnect much?

I was gonna say you can always count on black women but judging by this Georgia Gubernatorial race, betting on black has to be very measured too.

This Gubernatorial race is hotter than the one chip challenge.

On the program, Stacey Abrams, who’s running to become the first African American woman governor of Georgia.  She’ll talk about her campaign as well as what she see’s as the vision for the future of Georgia.  She even surprised me a little with what she see’s as the pitfalls of running in the red state.

Pitfalls that would have prevented a candidate from running in the past have emboldened black women to take the chance and go for it.  Candidates Like Lauren Underwood running for Congress in Illinois 14th district, or Tishuara Jones who ran for Mayor of St. Louis last year. #Blackwomenleading the way in this midterm and in the future.

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