3-21-18 – SPOTLIGHT: Lauren Underwood

Lauren Underwood

Image Credit: Underwoodforcongress.com|Rhonisha Franklin/rdionefoto.com

“You never know that you can do something against all odds until you do it.” – Abby Wombach

Check out my interview with Lauren here:

Happy Women’s History Month Family!

Lauren Underwood, just made history as the first African American woman to win the the Democratic nomination for Congress in Illinois’ 14th district. She knows she has a tough race ahead of her come November, but she’s not deterred. With this years crop of women rising to the challenge of running in races that might not be easy wins, it’s a testament to her determination to effect change in her community. She talks about Hultgren’s broken promise that launched her campaign as well as how she dealt with sexism and discrimination on the campaign trail.

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