12-19-18 – HBCU Profiles: Portraits of Beauty – Rhonisha Franklin

Image Credit: Rhonisha Franklin|Rdionefoto.com

A project birthed from a desire to showcase the beauty of women of color. To present them in a regal posture and sitting in their seat of power. While at the same time, pulling from a place of vulnerability in order to break down walls of protection that have been built through years of experiences.

Profile Noire|Rhonisha Franklin

Did you miss the show? Check it out here:

Hey Fam,

As a graduate of Howard University, I am privileged to know and count among friends, many talented people across all genres of study. I could do interviews with all of them and it would take up the entire year and then some.

So when Howard University graduate and photographer Rhonisha Franklin decided to take on a years worth of profiling black women, I immediately took notice.

Her Profile Noire project captures black women’s strength, poise and vulnerability. It’s an amazing work showcasing black women in all of their glory. I’ll talk to her about how Howard University, sisterhood and spirituality shape her projects.

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