01-02-19 – New Year, New Me

Image Credit: Ce Anderson|Therapy For People of Color

“Minorities access mental health care at a rate half of that of the majority. People of color not only experience mental health difficulties but often refuse care for fear of judgement, cultural differences, language and culture norm barriers and fear of prejudice.” – Ce Anderson

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Hey Fam,

The beginning of 2019 is the chance for so many to set their intentions for the year and make good on the promises they set forth by the end of 2018. For many in the black community, the stigma around mental health can prove to be daunting when attempting to get help. Ce Anderson, a licensed therapist and author of the book, Love T.A.P.S: Red Flags Of An Abuser And How To Get Out recently embarked on a new journey to make getting access to help so much easier.

Her new portal, Therapy for People of Color is a space created to connect people of color with culturally competent therapists. So let 2019 be the year that we end the stigma for getting the help our community needs.

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