03-28-19 – Black Girl Magic: Power Hall

“Anything that you can create that puts your unique spin on the world is really important…how do you create something that will live beyond you, that is bigger than you?” Joi Chaney

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Hey Fam,

The Black Girl Magic series highlights women who are thriving in their respective fields, women who are breaking barriers–current history makers who are challenging the norm.

I read a recent article from the Washington Post where they highlighted a recent report by the Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus, which stated that only 4.9 percent of Washington-based staff members are African American. For all of the diversity and inclusion initiatives out there, our legislative branch has perpetuated an undemocratic lack of diversity.
Joi Chaney, Chief of Staff to New York Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is an outspoken critic when it comes to inclusion and the barriers that people of color, specifically women and girls face. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of equity in the workplace and beyond.

A graduate of Howard and Harvard University Law, I talked to her about her newest role, what she fights for now, as well as how the two HU’s have shaped her lens into the world.

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