06-05-19 – Central Park 5

Those who aren’t caught up into this bigotry, this hatred, those who respect us When They See Us. Then you have an obligation also, the good ones. To make sure you say to the others, that this blue wall of silence must come down and that everybody must be treated equally. – Kwasi Mfume

Hey Fam,

My social media timeline this week has been filled with friends who are having a hard time stomaching the Central Park 5 story, and I completely understand. As a mother of two children living in an urban environment, i’m learning as my children grow how the entire system is stacked against our youth.

But it reminds me of two conversations I had–one with Lauren-Brooke Eisen, the Senior Counsel for the Brennan Center’s Justice Program. Their 2017 report gave recommendations on how to reduce the prison population as well as steps to change how we deliver justice.

I also talked to Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Director of the Hamilton Project and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. She has been studying issues related to reducing child poverty and education policy. She’ll talk about her concerns as well as steps she has examined to reduce poverty in America.

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