12-18-19 – Balancing Your Work And Life

“It is time to build upon the successes of the FMLA and establish a comprehensive and inclusive national paid family and medical leave program.” – The Paid Family and Medical Leave Opportunity: What Research Tells Us About Designing a Paid Leave Program
that Works for All

Hey Fam,

Today, the United States is the only industrialized country in the world without a national paid leave policy. The Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality (GCPI) released a recent report, “The Paid Family & Medical Leave Opportunity: What Research Tells Us About Designing a Paid Leave Program that Works for All,” which shows that well-designed paid leave policies will lead to positive outcomes for workers, their families and employers, and society.

Studies show that children and families in America need around six months of paid leave. Family and medical leave policies should include paid leave for the entire range of caregiving needs, including care for aging parents, a family member, or even oneself. Paid leave must be accessible to all families, particularly those living paycheck to paycheck who need as close to 100% wage replacement as possible.

I’ll talk to author Kali Grant, Senior Policy Analyst at the Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality’s Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative about the report–and how the 2020 candidates are talking about this issue.

Because let’s be honest: nobody making minimum wage can get by on half or even two-thirds of a paycheck. 

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