01-15-20 – To Be Young, Gifted, and Black

“The disparities in access to advanced coursework are not inevitable. State leaders, as well as district and school leaders, can take meaningful steps to put their state on the path to fair representation, by setting clear goals for advancing access to and success in advanced coursework, using data to identify the barriers that prevent students of color and students from low-income backgrounds from enrolling in advanced courses, and implementing the right statewide solutions for their particular problems.” – Inequities in Advanced Coursework

Hey Fam,

Happy New Year! Weeeeee’rreeee Baaaaacckk!!!!

I feel like I can celebrate all month long since this is Enlighten Me’s first post of the new year.

It’s funny that i’m having this conversation today–as school lottery’s are beginning and admissions deadlines are due, I am taking a look at the schools my children are attending as well as the curriculum they are a part of–to see if that works for us. The Education Trust examined the many ways Black and Latino students are shut out of AP classes that can set them up for success in college and careers. At both national and state levels, minority students are denied access to meaningful advanced coursework opportunities, from elementary to high school. The report takes a look at some of the barriers to success and offers solutions for state, district, and school leaders to address those roadblocks.

I’ll talk about their newest report, Inequities in Advanced Coursework, with Ivy Smith-Morgan, Associate Director for P-12 Analytics at the Education Trust.

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