11-01-17 – The Talented Tenth

HBCU grads

“There is in this world no such forces as the force of a person determined to rise. The human soul cannot permanently be chained.” – W.E.B. DuBois

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Hey Family,

Don’t mind me, i’m still enjoying the high from Howard University’s homecoming where I hung out with old friends and made new memories. It is an amazing experience to just sit and enjoy the people who taught you so much about yourself and saw you grow into the person you are today. To reconnect is almost a spiritual experience.

Throughout the years, my college friends have shared their ups and downs navigating the world around us. As a young adult, it was tough for me to try to “make it” on my own, especially since my first job out of college didn’t pay very well.  If i’m being brutally honest, I still struggle to afford the things I want in order to live comfortably. So when the Center for American Progress came out with the latest report on African Americans and the current crisis regarding student loan repayment, I didn’t hesitate to bring Ben Miller, Senior Director of Post-Secondary Education on the program to talk about some of the reasons why African Americans struggle more with paying their student loans back and how that affects them in other areas of life financially.

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