11-15-17 – Read My Lips: No New Taxes


Image Credit: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

It just isn’t going to work, and it’s very interesting that the man who invented this type of what I call a voodoo economic policy is Art Laffer, a California economist. – George H. W. Bush

Hey Family,

I hate charts. Something about them seems so detached from what we are actually talking about. Which in most cases is real people, tangible things, something of value.

But when you put it in graph form, it looses all of the connection that we have to the people affected by it.  On today’s program, Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Co-Director of the Center on Poverty and Income Inequality at Georgetown University, will talk about the communities that would be affected by the Republican Tax reform plan.  Because I never want to use a chart to describe people again.

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