1-17-18 – We Built This City

Black Immigrants

Image Credit:Getty/Craig F. Walker|Center For American Progress

“Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America.  Then I discovered that the immigrants were American History.” – Oscar Handlin

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Hey Family,

With the government spending bill looming large and DACA seemingly being used (or not used) as bargaining chips–going off the deep end doesn’t even feel like the right terminology to use.

A he said/he said between Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and the administration over the President’s use of “shithole” to describe some African countries as well as Haiti and Salvador have left many immigrants, especially those who supported this administration, feeling wronged.  But immigrants make up the fabric of this country.  On the program today, Nicole Svajlenka, Senior Policy Analyst for Immigration at the Center for American Progress will talk about the fate of DACA recipients, the likelihood of a deal being brokered as part of the spending bill and the administrations long term goals.

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