08-08-18 – Demand More

Demand More

Image Credit: equalpaytoday.org

“The wage gap for Black Women hardly impacts her alone. The wage gap impacts the Black family and community as a whole.” – Joi Chaney

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Hey Fam,

In 2017, Black women’s equal pay day was July 31st. That trajectory doesn’t bode well for the kid. I’ll talk to Joi Chaney, Campaign Manager for Equal Pay Today about the issues around why black women are getting paid less as well as some ways to rectify the gap.

Also, as a kid growing up in Illinois north of Chicago, the issues surrounding gun violence in some of the neighborhoods has been highlighted recently in the news. I’ll talk to Charlene Carruthers, National Director of Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) about the work they are doing in Chicago.

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