08-15-18 – Picture This

DC Black FilmFestival

Image Credit: DC Black Film Festival

Did you miss the show? Check it out here:

Hey Fam,

I recently celebrated a film debut at a film festival for a good friend of mine and it was thrilling to be in the film space again. I saw films that put mainstream theater releases to shame. Chopping it up amongst peers about styling conventions and character arch and development was like coming home.

So as DC celebrates it’s annual Black Film Festival tomorrow through the weekend, I thought it would be good to highlight some of the films you won’t see in mainstream theaters. I’ll have Kevin Sampson, Founder of the festival on the program as well as feature some filmmakers like WIll Feagins and Deanna Del Ciello that you may want to keep an eye on.

Tune in every Wednesday from 4-5p ET on WERA-FM 96.7 in Arlington, Va or check us out online at Facebook.com/EnlightenMeOnWERA or Twitter @EnlightenMeWERA @andreacambron.


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