09-19-18 – Forever Evolving

Lamarks Revenge

“The evolutionary consequences accompanying the vast environmental changes during the origin, rise and fall of human civilizations may not have been so different from the asteroid impacts or volcanic outpourings in causing evolutionary change. For us humans, however, that evolution might have been more concentrated in new kinds of behavior, rather than new kinds of biological body plans…Is it possible that epigenetic processes have been extremely important in the story of life on Earth, and also the arc of human evolution and behavior?” – Peter Ward, Lamarck’s Revenge

Hey Fam,

Ok let me nerd out for a second.

If you pass me a book about evolution and the history of mankind, I will always be fascinated by it. How we have changed, how rapidly that change has taken place as well as what theories lie for our future will have me in a library for the rest of the year.

So when Lamarck’s Revenge by paleontologist and astrobiologist Peter Ward came out, I knew I wanted to have him on the program to talk about epigenetics–a theory on how our environment has as much to do with our biological changes as does our natural evolution. Plus, I knew NOTHING about it. So what better way to learn?

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