10-10-18 – Confirmation

Brett Kavanaugh

Image Credit: American Prospect|Alex Brandon, AP

“The real potential jackpot in having Kavanaugh on the court lay in his expansive view of executive power and privilege. That kind of investment in the dominance of one individual stems from the same impulse, differently expressed, that can lead a man to set himself upon a woman without her consent. It’s all about power and its exercise.”

– Adele Stan

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Hey Family,

I can’t escape the effects this confirmation has had on me as a person, a woman and an African-American. With Brett Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court bench this week, many have taken to the streets to protest the confirmation.

It’s been a triggering couple of weeks.

Adele Stan, a weekly columnist for the American Prospect and Editor of Right Wing Watch, a project of People for the American Way, has been covering the White House since the campaign including the Kavanaugh hearings. She’ll join me to give her insight into what might be going on behind the scenes, as well as an analysis of the state of our democracy with the courts now seemingly leaning conservative.

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