01-16-19 – FLINT

Image Credit: Charles Coleman| CFC40

“People always ask me what they can do to move the needle, to get involved. My response is that it isn’t about what we can do, it’s about what we are willing to do. No one person has to do it all, but all we’ve always had is us, and that’s more than we need. When we redirect our focus to the things we can control, the impact we can have is greater than what any one of us may have thought possible.” – Charles Coleman Jr.

Hey Fam!

Everyone paid close attention to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan in 2016 when it was revealed that lead levels in water in some areas had exceeded 15 million parts per billion. Even if you don’t know how much that really means, you know it’s not suppose to be that much. New tests have shown improvement, but they are still not where they need to be safe enough to drink.

I recently read about a black women owned company that had been contracted to replace the pipes in Flint, and I wanted to get an update on the conditions in the city. Charles Coleman Jr. began the Black Superhero Project last year to target specific areas that needed addressing in various communities. His project in January focuses on Flint and we will talk to him about what still needs to be done to address the water crisis.

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