03-06-19 – Black Girl Magic: I’m Digging It

If you want to build high, you must dig deep.” – Mongolian Proverb

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Hey Family,

For this Black Women’s History month, I decided to take a look at current trailblazers and those who proceeded before them. There are history makers all around us, if you really pay attention.

Archaeologist Alexandra Jones has been named by Atlanta Blackstar as one of 6 black Archaeologists you should know. Why? Because as the founder of Archaeology in the Community, for 10 years she has provided programs to get children interested in history by getting their hands dirty.

I’ll talk to her about how who inspires her, what got her interested in digging in the dirt, and what her plans are for the future.

In 1980, Dr. Theresa Singleton became the first black woman to earn a doctorate in Archaeology from the University of Florida. If getting our history accurate is important to us, we should support Dr. Jones and her quest to continue to provide an interest in archaeology for our children.

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