03-13-19 – Black Girl Magic: This is US

“Black women can do anything. We’ve proven that time, and time, and time again.” Tarana Burke

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Hey Fam,

I love that i’m surrounded by positive women and women who are doing amazing things in their communities.

This month, all month on Enlighten Me, we celebrate the women who continuously work in their communities to strive to make a better place for all of us.

As the Vice President of National Outreach and Training at EMILY’s List, Muthoni Wambu Kraal wants you…yes YOU, to run for office. Because why not? And she’ll try to find every way to help. But being well versed about the issues that affect minority communities is important. Charlene Carruthers has a guide for you with her latest book, Unapologetic, that you’ll probably want to read.

Many women neglect themselves during this process, including keeping abreast of their overall health. Dr. LaPrincess Brewer, MD, MPH, of the Mayo Clinic shows us why that probably isn’t a good idea…especially when it comes to your heart.

And even though we don’t get the spotlight on education that is needed for black girls, Adaku Oneka Crawford of the National Women’s Law Center says the school-to-prison pipeline affects them too.

So let’s celebrate the women who choose to be the change we need to see.

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